Dilapidated Barn - Endicott, Washington

Photographing the Palouse is both exhilarating and sad. This barn definitely brings some sadness with it. The land that it sits on is also home to an abandoned house and a windmill. The sadness comes in when you consider this was home to a family that farmed the land and, for some unknown reason, they disappeared. Walking in the house's backyard, we found some old toys, household appliance and a deflated basketball. On the hill is an old-time antenna that looks like it is from the fifties or sixties. What happened? Maybe some locals remember, but this place is pretty remote with no one living close to ask.

I first found this location by accident a couple of years ago. The barn was in much better shape back then. The hole you see above the door was maybe half the size that it is now. I am sure that in a few years, it will collapse when the support for it rots away. This too will be sad.