Disappearing Barns - The Palouse, Washington

This was my fourth straight year of visiting the Palouse and each year there is something different. The harshness of the winter, the current prices of different crops, and crop rotation often determines the look of the Palouse's undulating farmland. One thing that has been consistent however, is that many of the old barns are slowing disappearing from the landscape. Quite a few have fallen down since my first visit. It used to be that fallen barns were left on the ground, some with just roofs remaining, but that is no longer the case. It seems that even the fallen barns are totally gone. That is a shame that these old barns are gone, as they have terrific character that the newer barns simply lack. Add to that the dwindling number of abandoned houses and one in particular leaning schoolhouse, the Palouse may have a very different feel to it sometime in the near future. That doesn't mean that the Palouse will not continue to be a terrific destination for photographers but its look will be different.