Double Arch Glow - Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

One of my favorite rock formations that I have shot is located in Arches National Park. I have shot there quite a few times and have determined it is best shot early in the mornings. The few times I have shot it in evening light have not come out very well, so I had given up on shooting there at that time. This past March, Jaki Good Miller and I had just arrived in Moab in the late afternoon and decided to take a quick spin into Arches National Park. As we headed toward The Windows and Turret Arch area, I explained to her my reluctance on shooting  Double Arch at this time of day but said we would stop there on the way out. Stop we did and, to my surprise, this is the scene that we walked toward. I quickly realized that whatever I had experienced before had lead me to false conclusions. Maybe the time of the late afternoon was different in the past, but the glow through the arches was wonderful. While I still think that Double Arch is better in morning light, suffice to say I will visit it in late afternoon light in the future.