Double Arch View - Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

In about six weeks or so, I will be standing in this spot looking at one of the coolest landscapes in the southwest, namely Arches National Park. I never tire of the Moab area, having visited it more times than any other location in the west. The arches and rock formations of this great park are a magnet for me. Of all of the arches in the park that I have visited (there are around 4,000 of them, and, no, I have only seen a small fraction of them), Double Arch is my favorite. I love looking at this unique formation and wonder how the arches were formed in the sandstone. So, you must be asking yourself where the arches are in this photo. The answer is nowhere. When you climb up under the arches and look toward the parking lot, this is the view you see. It stands on its own, and I felt it deserved its own photo without its namesake arches.