Drama at Portland Head - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

It has been a long time since my last post (almost three months) and I think it is time to start posting again. This little hiatus was not planned and started when we were having our kitchen redone. My absence was only to be for two weeks but two weeks became a month and a month turned into three months. I guess I just needed a break from photography for awhile. I have been posting photos on my blog and social media five days a week since 2010 and I guess I needed time to reinvigorate myself. So now I am back. I have some terrific trips lined up this year and am looking forward to them. so without further ado…

Arguably the signature lighthouse of Maine, the Portland Head Light is actually located outside of Portland on Cape Elizabeth. The light was initially commissioned by George Washington in 1787. The light stands 80 feet above the land and 101 feet above the water. Edward Rowe Snow wrote about the light: “Portland Head and its light seem to symbolize the state of Maine—rocky coast, breaking waves, sparkling water and clear, pure salt air.” The lighthouse is surrounded by a huge park and it is usually swarming with people during the day. Go there before sunrise and you find yourself virtually alone. You never know what type of sunrise you will get but, on this morning, I was blessed with some amazing clouds that began to glow when the sun came up.

Editing Note: While I didn’t pick up a camera on my hiatus, I did change my main processing software from Lightroom to ON1 Photo RAW 2019. This is the first image that I have processed on it without using Lightroom or Photoshop. So far, so good.