Dust - Garfield, Washington

There was a sign that we spotted in Glacier National Park on our drive to Bowman Lake that read "Dust is a four-letter word" that would become very apropos for our visit to the Palouse later that week. It was my second trip to the Palouse, the first being in the spring when the landscape is colored in all shades of green. This trip was during harvest when the landscape is more of a gold and brown color. I fully expected the change in coloring before I got there. What I didn't expect is that the dust, as a result of all of the harvesting, would be just about everywhere. Oftentimes, when we saw a car or truck coming, we would head into our car so as not to get our cameras (or us) covered with dust. 

When I took this photo, we were shooting just after sunrise looking away from the sun. I heard a car coming and turned around to see how much time I had before I could jump into the car. With the sun glare, a dust trail was evident where the car had driven, making it look almost like fog in the valley. I thought that this scene was really cool and decided right then that I would be posting the photo.