Elk Encounter - Patricia Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta

So, last week I wrote about a dangerous encounter with a grizzly that I was lucky to walk away from in Banff National Park. Later, in Jasper National Park, I had a much more peaceful encounter with this Bull Elk. We had just spent a glorious sunrise at Pyramid Lake, where the light was amazing and the lake was calm. We all walked away with photos of the lake, Pyramid Mountain, and Pyramid Island that we were quite happy with. After shooting for two and half hours, we all were hungry and started heading back to the hotel to grab a quick breakfast. Just as we turned the corner from the lake, we spotted this bull elk and several female elk at the end of Patricia Lake. I guess that breakfast would have to wait. The elk were pretty calm, munching on their breakfast. That allowed us to get some terrific photos of them. I was thankful that I had my new long lens so that I was able to get some great close-ups without endangering myself this time.