Empty Epcot - Walt Disney World, Florida

Epcot, Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida

After my trip to Colorado, NYC and Acadia, I actually spent a couple of weeks at home before my wife and I headed to Disney for two weeks with great friends. Given all of the photos I have shot this year, I went there with the intention of shooting very little and just enjoying the warm weather. That doesn't mean that I didn't shoot at all, but I shot less over these two weeks that I normally shoot in a day. The park was relatively busy, as Disney was hosting it's annual International Wine and Food Festival. We signed up for a French breakfast in Epcot at the Les Chefs de France restaurant. Since the breakfast began before Epcot was open to the general public, I was able to capture this shot with some terrific morning light, and there was not a soul to be seen (that is right, no pixels were erased using content aware fill). I only wish that we had the park to ourselves for the rest of the day.