Eye to Eye - Boone Hall Plantation, Mt Pleasant, South Carolina

Our first visit to Charleston, South Carolina, had been on my bucket list for quite a while. I really enjoyed this historic city with all of its southern charm on display. As I typically do before a trip, I made a list of places I wanted to photograph. One of them was Boone Hall Plantation, where I wanted to take the classic shot of the road leading to it that is lined with oak trees and hanging moss. I got up before dawn and headed there to shoot. When I got there, the gate was locked, and I couldn't get the classic morning shot. 

Later that afternoon, we headed back, and unfortunately the weather turned bad. The bad weather proved fortuitous, as the plantation, known for it's thoroughbred horses, let them out before it started to rain. Watching these magnificent animals frolic and then the stare down by this horse made up for missing the tree-lined road shot.