Fighting the Fog - Jasper National Park, Alberta

One of the easiest and most popular spots in Jasper National Park for both visitors and photographers alike is the famed Pyramid Mountain. Located just a mere 4 miles from the town of Jasper, it can be seen from just about anywhere in the vicinity. There are two lakes that lie at the foot of Pyramid Mountain, namely Patricia Lake and Pyramid Lake. Sunrise is the best time to photograph the mountain, as the lakes are very still during the early morning hours and the mountain is often reflected in the lakes. That was our plan on our first morning in Jasper, but it seems that Mother Nature had different plans for us. As we approached the lakes, low hanging clouds and low hanging fog created a great atmosphere, but Pyramid Mountain was nowhere to be seen. It then became a waiting game to see if the sun would clear off the clouds and the fog. In this battle, the clouds and fog won but not before the top of the mountain became visible for a brief moment and I was happy that I could capture the scene.