First Morning in Warm Weather - Venice, Florida

Venice Fishing Pier, Venice, Florida

I am back from my three weeks in sunny Florida, and I wish I had stayed there a couple of more weeks! I haven't posted any of my Florida photos yet, so I will be posting a few over the next two weeks. This was a photo that I hadn't planned on taking, as I had no plans to stay in Venice on my trip. I can thank the winter storm that threatened to cancel our flight. We were scheduled to land in Tampa and then head on to Sarasota. We decided to get out of town a day early and it was impossible to get to Tampa, so we ended up flying into Fort Myers. I decided to stay overnight in Venice, as a friend of mine had mentioned that it was a nice place. A quick scouting of the area indicated that shooting the fishing pier was a prime choice, so off I went the next day before dawn.

Being on the west coast of Florida, I didn't know what time the light would hit the pier and at what angle. I also chose to only bring my Fuji 23mm lens (35mm equivalent) as part of my Field Report for the PhotoFrontier's WE35 project. In other words, a lot of uncertainty before I headed out. My worries proved to be unfounded, as the light hit the pier perfectly, and, after doing a lot of zooming with my feet, I shot from a lot of angles. It was a windy day, and I decided to shoot some long exposures to smooth the water and have the flag blurred by the wind. A great start to the trip.