Fishing Shack - Rockport, Massachusetts

Is this the most photographed fishing shack in the world? Many in New England believe that is the case. Maybe that is the case, but the shack has an unique name, Motif No. 1, that was given to it in the 1920's by an art teacher who thought it was the most painted fishing shack in the America. He came to that conclusion as his students over the years would repeatedly draw or paint the shack and exclaim in exasperation, "What? Motif No 1 again!"

The fishing shack is located In the small town of Rockport, Massachusetts on Bradley Wharf. The original shack was destroyed by the blizzard of 1978 when it was swept into Rockport Harbor. Motif No. 1 was rebuilt within a year. The fishing shack has even been commemorated on a postage stamp.