Flaming Sky - The Mittens, Monument Valley, Navajo Nation

This is my third and last post this week that I picked to edit after my review of my Monument Valley photos. I am not surprised that I picked a photo from this particular morning, as we had the best conditions and light that I have ever encountered on my many visits there. What made it even more special was that I shared it with two of my very best friends, Jeff Clow and Jaki Good Miller. This was the very first time that I stayed at the View Hotel (which is aptly named). Although it is not the best hotel I have ever stayed in, the ability to roll out of bed, walk down the hall and step onto the back patio to see this view makes it a must stay spot. 

We were treated with the best Mother Nature could offer: great clouds; great light from the blue hour to the sunrise and, most importantly, the famed sandstone rock formations known as "The Mittens" for obvious reasons.