Florence Architecture

Florence, Italy

The architecture of Florence, Italy, is quite diverse.  Walking through the streets gives you a sense of just how old the city really is.  The city has great examples of the many historic periods over the past 2,000 years.  It is hard to walk through the streets and not have your jaw drop open looking at all of the different architectural styles. 

One of my favorite buildings in Florence was the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore seen here.  Building began in 1296 and was completed 140 years later in 1436.  It is built in the style of Gothic Revival.  It is the main church in Florence and is a Unesco World Heritage Site, along with its sister buildings of the Baptistry and Campanile. The complex is located at the Plaza de Duomo.

The Basilica's size is quite large and getting everything in the image is hard if you are  anywhere close to it (as I was).  I composed this shot in an attempt to combine the beautiful domes while also showing the ornateness of the facade.  The great soft light helped a great deal to set the mood.