Fresnel Lens - Cape Meares Light, Oregon

On Saturday, I will be headed to one my favorite coastlines for two weeks. The coast is known for its amazing beaches and sea stacks that are at their best at sunsets. Of course, there are a few lighthouses that I will be visiting. While you would think that there are a lot of lighthouses on the 360+ miles of coastline, there are  less than ten. This is It because the Pacific Ocean waters are not very deep close to the shoreline, making it very dangerous for large shipping vessels to dock there. This one located on Cape Meares is the shortest lighthouse in Oregon, standing a mere 38 feet tall. In fact, the parking lot is actually higher that the top of the light. There is a short path to see the light, and as I was walking down toward the light, I spotted the red fresnel lens through the trees and captured this photo of it. Usually, the path is full of people but the rain had scared most of them away.