Salem Maritime National Historic Site, Salem, Massachusetts

Massachusetts is steeped in American history and is a great place to visit. Its history is not confined to Boston and can be found up and down the coast. One of the terrific places to learn about American history is Salem. Located about 15 miles north of Boston, Salem is most noted for its infamous witch trials.

Salem was established in 1626 by a group of fisherman who landed there from Cape Ann. It survived and thrived as a center for shipping and fishing. The Salem Witch Trial, conducted in 1692, put the city on the historic map. Today, Salem is noted for its many historic houses and museums, some of which celebrate the trials, ghosts and maritime history. 

This photo was taken on an extremely windy day, and is of a replica of a 171-foot three-masted Salem East Indiaman, built in 1797. This tall ship is named Friendship, and it is part of the Salem Maritime National Historic Site. Despite the fact that it is a replica, it is a fully functioning Coast Guard certified vessel.