Getting Low in Acadia - Acadia National Park, Maine

Labor Day has come and gone and the unofficial end of the summer is here. What that means for photographers in New England is that the glorious foliage season is about to begin. I really feel for visitors that want to travel to the area, because it is almost impossible to predict the peak of the season here. Depending on the rainfall and summer temperatures, peak foliage can range from late September through early November. Picking the exact right week is virtually impossible in advance. If you are not a local, you must reserve your hotels in advance, as they sell out quickly. Thankfully for me, I can hop in a car at a moment's notice, and within a few hours be in the middle of it all.

Last year, a number of the NxNW crew headed to Maine with hopes to catch the foliage at its peak. Unfortunately, we were a bit early and, while we got some colors, it wasn't in all of its glory. This is a shot from Acadia where we stopped along the Park Loop Road where I got down quite low to catch some of the fallen leaves with the colors changing on the trees.