Glacier Banking - Denali National Park, Alaska

When we went on vacation to Alaska a few years ago, we were fortunate to spend some time in Denali National Park. I was quite excited about our first day there, as we were scheduled to get in a small plane in Talkeetna to fly by the "High One". My wife, Carol, who doesn't like to fly, was muttering "Why did I agree to do this?" Despite a light rain, we boarded the plane. Carol had the prime seat next to the pilot and I was right behind her. That turned out to be a big mistake, as I had to shoot through a propeller out my window. Fortunately, we did a lot of banking over the great mountains of the Alaskan Range and glaciers.  

In this photo, I was able to get both the mountains and a glacier in the composition as well as the plane's wing. It was quite the experience, but if I ever get a chance to do this again, I will make sure to get a window that doesn't have a propeller next to it.