Glorious - Manhattan, New York

St Patrick's Cathedral, Manhattan, New York

This past September, I joined fellow photographers Rick Louie and Chris Nitz on their trip to New York City before we were to meet up with the NxNW crew on Boston. This was Chris's first visit to NYC, so of course we had to show him some of our favorite places. I hadn't been back to St Patrick's near 30 Rock since 2008 and I was excited to shoot there again, as it is a magnificent church. When we walked in, we were in for a surprise, as there was scaffolding everywhere to be seen. Seems like St. Patrick's has been under restoration since 2012 and is not scheduled to be completed until December of this year, at an estimated cost of $175 million.  

I still wanted to post an image of the inside of the church without scaffolding, so I dug out an old image and processed it as you see here. I can't wait to revisit there after the restoration is completed, as I am curious to see what it will look like.