Glorious Evening - Myers Creek, Gold Beach, Oregon

I am real excited to be heading back to the Oregon Coast this coming April for a scouting trip with Jeff Clow. I have been to this gorgeous part of the US a number of times and I think Jeff can add this to his ever growing destinations for his wonderful Photo Tours (Jeff has not visited Oregon yet). We plan to scout all 363 miles of the coast over a 10 day span. During this trip, we will be visiting over 150 locations on the Oregon Coast, many of which I have photographed and some that I have never visited. I am always amazed at how much information is on the internet when doing research.

I am sure that if I asked people who have spent some time on the coast and asked them what their favorite location was, I'd get tons of different answers. For me, this scene, which is just a little south of Gold Beach, is my favorite stop. It doesn't have a specific name that I know of but, when you drive south around a curve and see it, you have to stop. I took this photo in late afternoon of the sea stacks bathed in great light. To give you a sense of how big they are, if you look on the beach to the left of the big stack, there are two little specks that are people walking on the beach.