Glowing Foliage - Lundy Lake, Lee Vining, California

The Mammoth Lake region in the Eastern Sierras is known for its large number of glacial lakes. I have tried to find out how many lakes there are, but have found it difficult to figure it out. A lot depends on how you define the boundaries of the region and the size of what defines a lake. I've seen a reference to maybe 100 lakes, but I am sure that many think it is a lot less. Nobody disputes the largest ones. Our small group found one of the smaller lakes, Lundy Lake, pictured here. It is hidden in the foothills in the Eastern Sierras above Mono Lake. It is about 100 acres in size, is popular with fisherman and is not very crowded at all. We visited during foliage season and I was taken by the colors of the leaves reflected in the waters of the lake.