Glowing Rocks

Camden Hills State Park, Camden, Maine

Maine has the most stunning and rugged coasts on the Atlantic Ocean coast. The official length of its coast is 293 miles, but when measuring actual coastline including all of the coves and jetties, it logs in at more than 4,500 miles. Factor in the more than 4,600 islands that are part of Maine and you total approximately 7,000 miles. It is no wonder that one of Maine’s primary industries is shipbuilding.

The coast has very different characteristics depending on where you visit. Acadia National Park in northern Maine has some of the most spectacular and rugged scenery on the east coast. A mere two hours south, many of the beaches consist of rocks – not very rugged unless you try to lay on them. The beach in this image is part of Camden Hills State Park and shows how rocky the beach can be. I was able to capture this image just after dawn where the rocks took on a great glow from the rising sun.