Going to the Sun Stop - Glacier National Park, Montana

If you are looking for rugged mountains, pristine forests, mountain lakes and waterfalls, look no further than Glacier National Park. According to Wikipedia, there are over seven hundred lakes in the park, along with over two hundred waterfalls. Most of these natural destinations are scattered throughout the one million acres of the park, which requires some hiking. Almost all of the trailheads originate from or near the one main road that bisects the park, the Going-to-the-Sun road. The good news is that some of the more famous waterfalls are pretty close to the road and require only a little walking to get to. For example, McDonald Falls (pictured here) is located at the north end of McDonald Lake and is at most a hundred yards down an incline from the road. 

When we arrived here at the parking area, it had been raining off and on in the afternoon. The rain had just stopped and the sky was overcast. This is actually the best sky for shooting waterfalls, as the clouds create a huge softbox that eliminate any sun glare on the water. I immediately knew that with all of the  "steps" in the rocks, a long exposure would accentuate the water movement.