Golden Light - Colorado National Monument, Colorado

How can you drive through the west and not be awed by the various rock formations that Mother Nature has created for us to enjoy? What is even more amazing is that you can be driving along the interstate with the surrounding area being totally flat and, then bam, there is some unique rock formation that seems to pop up out of nowhere. Sometimes, some of the most beautiful places are unseen as you speed from one place to the next unless you know about them. Fortunately, internet searches, all kinds of apps and travel sites provide us with the ability to research just about anywhere on Earth. 

Colorado National Monument, pictured in this photo, is one of those places that many people driving on Interstate 70 near the Colorado / Utah border probably miss. A small turnoff and a short drive takes you up to the majestic 23-mile Rim Rock Drive. From there you can view some amazing rock formations. While it is spectacular any time of day, the best time to see it is in early morning or late evening when the soft light is still present, creating terrific contrast between light and shadow. This particular photo was taken in evening light.