Grand Canal Evening - San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Italy

While I hadn't planned it, it seems that my postings this week have been from my archives. With this photo, taken in 2008, I continue to do so. Italy is where my mother's parents came from. I didn't know them, so I don't have any memories of who they were. Fortunately, I had many aunts and uncles that shared their culture with myself and my brothers, They all were warm and friendly. My favorite memories were all around the table eating dishes from the Italian cuisine. With that background, it's no wonder that my favorite country in Europe is Italy. While I have not explored the country as fully as I hope to, I will be hard pressed to top our experiences in the city of Venice

We stayed in the Hotel Monaco, which is located on the Grand Canal waterfront just steps from St Mark's Square. It is a very popular tourist destination with St Mark's Basilica and the Doge’s Palace as main attractions. What I loved most about the location was the ability to be so close to the waterfront at sunrise and sunset. This view across the Grand Canal was shot in the late evening, just before sunset. It features San Giorgio Maggiore, one of 188 islands that make up Venice. The buildings shown in the image are part of both the San Giorgio Monastery (built in 982) and the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore (built in 1566). The fading light gave the buildings a wonderful glow.