Sorrel River Ranch, Colorado River Scenic Byway, Moab, Utah

On my way to Moab in March, I drove from Grand Junction, Colorado, and took the scenic route on the Colorado River Scenic Byway (aka River Road). Along this road are some spectacular sights not to be missed. As I traveled the road, I passed the Sorrel River Ranch, which brought back some great memories. The first time I visited Moab, I stayed at the ranch with my son. It is a beautiful ranch located on the Colorado River. We splurged a bit (it isn't a cheap place to stay) and spent three nights there. 

Our first night there, I was awoken with the sound of scurrying. I got out of bed and noticed a large mouse walking across the room. The next morning, I stopped at the front desk to report our little visitor. The clerk looked at me like I had two heads and deadpanned, "You do know this is a working ranch, don't you?" With that I stuck my tail between my legs and headed out.