Grinnell Glow - Glacier National Park, Montana

When the alarm goes off at o'dark thirty, your first inclination is to turn it off, turn over and go back to sleep. In fact, the majority of people do just that, especially when they are off from work. If they do, they don't know what they are missing, particularly when Mother Natures provides you with a picture perfect morning. They don't realize how quiet it can be in the pre-dawn hours when no one is around. They do not realize how thrilling it is to stand on the shoreline of a major glacier- fed lake. They don't realize how majestic the unique-shaped mountain on the opposite shoreline is. They don't see in fascination how the sunlight first lights the top of the Mount Grinnell and then gradually begins to work its way down until it hits the water. They don't know how rewarding it is to witness what just happened and only share it with a few friends. The more I think about it, don't tell them and keep it to ourselves. Let them sleep while we experience it.