Grit - Endicott, Washington

Since my visit to the Palouse last June, I have posted quite a few photos of the very impressive and unique landscapes that dominate this region in eastern Washington State. The Palouse encompasses almost 4,000 square miles of some of the most fertile land on Earth.  In addition to its undulating landscape, there are plenty of barns, farm equipment, grain elevators, farm houses and plenty of abandoned property to photograph. The biggest surprise for me was the number of old cars that also can be found throughout the area. 

The mother load was a private collection that we got access to somewhere near Endicott. What a classic piece of nostalgia staring us in the face. The first clue about the treasure trove that awaited us was the old Texaco Station off of the road. To make it even better, down the driveway was a whole collection of classic cars waiting to be photographed. This is an old truck that has seen better days, and it probably has tons of stories it could tell on its journey to this spot.