Beavertail Lighthouse, Jamestown, Rhode Island

We finish the week of touring New England on the blog by visiting the Ocean State otherwise known as Rhode Island. I know some of you might ask, "What about Vermont? Isn't it part of New England?". The answer is yes and I plan to post an image from Vermont on Monday. Now to the tip of Rhode Island to view a closeup of the Beavertail Lighthouse located in Jamestown. It is a unusual lighthouse in that instead of the typical circular shape, it is actually a square structure. It offers a panoramic view of the Narragansett Bay. The lighthouse is surrounded by rugged rocks on three sides as can be seen in this previous post.

This is the third iteration of the lighthouse with the first one originally built in 1749. Alas, it was made of wood and burned down four years later. It was rebuilt in 1753 and lasted until 1856 when this iteration was built. It stands 45 feet tall and its light is on 24 hours a day.