Hello Old Friends - Monument Valley, Navajo Nation

Do you have a specific location that, when you get there, you say to yourself, "Hello, old friends?" Well I do, and that is Monument Valley, located on Navajo land on the Utah/Arizona border. I have visited this place quite a number of times and I can't seem to get enough. This visit was even more special, as I was shooting there with my great friends, Jeff Clow and Jaki Good Miller. Jaki had never visited the Valley before and it is always something special to me to share it with "newbies", knowing that they would love it as much as I do. Jaki and I had landed in Albuquerque and had a five hour drive to the valley. I had always driven there from the north, stopping at the 13 mile marker to get the iconic road shot leading to the magnificent buttes in the distance. While this approach was not as dramatic, it was still memorable. I stopped about five miles from the turn into the valley and captured this view just before the darkness blanketed the sandstone buttes.