Hidden Lake and Bearhat Mountain - Glacier National Park

Hidden Lake Overlook, Logan Pass, Glacier National Park, Montana

The first day in Glacier National Park, we had planned to hike the Hidden Lake Trail at Logan Pass. The trail is a 6-mile round trip, where you climb an elevation gain of 500 feet over the first 1.5 miles to the Hidden Lake Overlook, and then descend another 500 feet over the remaining 1.5 miles to the lake. It was drizzling when we got to the parking lot and began raining hard as we got out. Time to adjust our plans. We went back later in our trip, and only three of us decided to go to the overlook and back due to time limitations. The weather was much improved, as you can see in the photo. 

Along the boardwalk trail, it was quite beautiful, with wildflowers in the meadow that made a nice foreground to the towering Reynolds Mountain. As we finally got to the overlook (with a little huffing and puffing - I walk 5 miles a day, but you can't train for elevation), we were blessed to see this beautiful vista. Hidden Lake lies directly below Bearhat Mountain and was a beautiful shade of blue. To the right of the mountains, low hanging clouds partially obscured the peaks in the distance, but added some nice interest to the scene. I shot a few images, but I realized quite quickly that only a panorama would be able to show all of the lake along with the mountains. An added bonus of our hike were the mountain goats hanging around the overlook. If you ever visit Glacier, this hike is a must do.