High Cathedral of Saint Peter

Cologne Cathedral, Cologne, Germany

Our first stop on our recent river cruise in Europe was Cologne, Germany. One of the differences that I really liked on the river cruise was that when you come to port, you can walk off of the ship and you are in the city. This is much different than ocean cruises where you are often outside the city because the ships are too large and you have to be bused to see the sights. Disembarking in Cologne was great as we were only a couple of blocks from the Cologne Cathedral also known as the High Cathedral of Saint Peter. We had a wonderful guide and he was extremely informative. One of the things we learned about the cathedral is that it is home to the remains of the three wise men and, as a result, it is a very popular religious destination.

It was pretty dark in the cathedral and since tripods were not allowed, I pushed the ISO to 6400 for the first time and shot a hand-held five bracket burst. I was quite amazed how well the resulting image turned out as the noise was pretty manageable.