Houseboats - Wahweap Marina, Lake Powell, Arizona

Wahweap Marina, Lake Powell, Arizona

Being from New England, the American southwest is such a different place than I am used to. Over the past ten years, I have begun to explore the southwest and have fallen in love with its colors and landscapes. My list of places to visit seems to expand, even though I frequent there much more often than in the past. One of the places that was very high on my list was Page, Arizona. There are so many things to visit and shoot there, I could probably live there for a year and still have unexplored destinations. 

We had just checked into the hotel and I was excited for the next morning's outing. We were going to catch an early boat to Rainbow Bridge National Monument. Since the boat was leaving quite early (it is a two hour ride to the monument), I decided to take a drive to the Marina to make sure I knew where I was going. 

The light was great and the marina had quite a number of houseboats waiting to be used. I had heard that a lot of people vacation at Lake Powell by renting them for a week or two. Some of them are quite big and it must be really cool to move about the lake and take a swim wherever you want. I wanted to put these houseboats in the foreground of the photo to show the scale to the towering rock formations that line Lake Powell.