I Like That Old Time Rock and Roll

Route 66 Restaurant, Bar Harbor, Maine

Today we revisit the Route 66 Restaurant in Bar Harbor, Maine. As I explained in this earlier post, the owner of the restaurant was nice enough to allow 20 photographers to photograph the place. As I looked around the place, I was immediately attracted to this old time jukebox, namely the "Seeburg Selectric Symphonola Jukebox". The JP Seeburg and Company was a family-owned business founded by Justus Sjöberg of Gothenburg, Sweden. In the late 1940s, Seeburg manufactured its popular and distinctive "trashcan-shaped" series of jukeboxes.

When I spied this jukebox, I could only imagine the fascination people had when the first jukebox was introduced. It must have seemed to them a new and exciting invention. It's interesting to contrast the jukebox with today's iPod and iPhone. Wonder what they would say now.