Iconic Oxbow - Grand Teton National Park,Wyoming

What is there to say about Oxbow Bend that hasn't been said before? It is an iconic location that has been photographed millions of times. Every time that I visit there (and there have been many), I am always curious what Mother Nature will show us. Will there be a sunrise that lights up Mount Moran? Will there be great clouds that will light up when the sun rises above the horizon? Will we even be able to see the peaks of the Tetons? Will the waters of the Snake River be still enough to give a mirror-like refection? As you drive from the town of Jackson in the dark, you ponder the answers to these questions during the 45 minutes it takes to get there. As you look to the sky for the answers, you realize that you won't be sure until you actually pull into the parking lot. Sometimes you are disappointed and other times you are happy. That is what makes us photographers keep revisiting this iconic sight and, when it works, any previous disappointments seem to melt away.