In the Reeds - Doubling Point Lighthouse, Arrowsic, Maine

When scouting the Maine lighthouses back in April, we stopped at this lighthouse located on the Kennebec River, about ten miles from the coast. Both Jeff Clow and I immediately added it to the list of ones to visit on the tour. It was the first time I had ever seen this hard to find lighthouse and was intrigued by it. Fast forward to our Photo Tour last week. The scene had changed significantly. Back in April, the reeds surrounding the light were knee high and it was easy to compose shots from all angles. Now, the reeds were a little taller than me, and I had to raise my camera above my head to get the shot. While you had to work a little harder to get different compositions, I really like the look of the high reeds, as it gives a different feel to the photo. The dark tops of the reeds in the foreground also add a little interest to the scene.