Italy Reflections - Siena, Italy

Walking through the center of Italian cities is often like traveling back in time. Siena for example, dates back to 900 - 400 BC. While the architecture may not be that old, Siena is known for its medieval brick buildings. The streets are narrower than one might expect, which allows for some great reflections in the windows of these old brick buildings. As I was wandering through the city, I couldn’t help noticing this particular window on the second floor. The tree and the shutters, along with the color of the building across the street, caught my eye and I just had to photograph it.

Typically shooting upwards from the street level is challenging, as the subject, in this case a window, will not be square and will look to be leaning backwards. The trick to getting it composed properly is to shoot a lot wider than you normally would and use the guided option in Lightroom to fix the distortion. If you don’t shoot wider, the guided option will not have enough room to result in an acceptable composition.