Jetty Light

Sciuate Light, Scituate, Massachusetts

I have recently been going through some older images in an attempt to trim my photo processing backlog when I ran across this image that had already been edited but not yet posted. The image is from a couple of years ago when my son and I took a tour of New England lighthouses scouting for locations for his movie short. This light is located in Scituate,  Massachusetts and is known as the Old Scituate Light (pretty original, huh?).

The light was built in 1811 and was "attacked" by the British in the War of 1812. The attack was repelled by two women who played their fife and drum very loudly. The British retreated since they thought the sound came from the Scituate Town Militia. 

Anyway, after leaving Maine and fighting terrible Boston traffic (when is the traffic in Boston ever good?), we got to Scituate and headed out on the rock jetty. The wind was howling hard enough that the flag was fully on display. I had to hold my tripod to make sure camera didn't fall over.