Keyhole Beauty

Monument Valley, Navajo Indian Reservation, Utah / Arizona Border

Back from an excellent vacation touring the American Southwest. Visited many spots in Arizona and New Mexico, many of them for the first time. While this wasn't a photography trip, I still managed to take a boatload of photos. We had great weather although a bit hotter than expected. I typically don't edit my photos right away as I am often disappointed with my shots because they don't seem to match the beauty I saw. I will be making an exception to that "rule" this week. My last post, "Go West, Young Man" was from my favorite place in the Southwest, Monument Valley. It was taken in 2005 on a hiking and photography trip with my son. It was there that my photography passion was rekindled. It is only fitting that my first post from my trip is from Monument Valley. This image is of a hole in Submarine Rock toward the back of the park. The only way to visit it is to hire a Navajo Guide (I used Simpson's Trailhandler Tours - Highly Recommended). I am not sure exactly what the hole is called. It is sometimes referred to as Keyhole Arch or Pottery Arch which is interesting as it is obviously not an arch. Whatever it's name, the view through the hole shows the beauty of the valley and it's structures lit by the setting sun.