Light Reflections - Marshall Point Lighthouse, Port Clyde, Maine

One of the advantages of visiting a location multiple times is that you can take advantage of varying lighting conditions that gives the same subject a new look. An added advantage when shooting along the coastline is that low tide can give you different perspectives that are impossible if the tide is in. Our group initially shot Marshall Point Lighthouse at sunrise, when the early morning light was on the other side of the lighthouse. Had we been able to shoot from this vantage point, the light would have been directly in our face, causing sun glare and silhouetting. We decided to revisit that evening, and the light was to our backs. A big bonus was that the tide had gone fully out, and we were able to scramble over the rocks to get some stellar and unusual shots of the lighthouse. While there were lots of reflections to be had in the puddles, I think this one was the best.