Lake Ontario Reflection

Fort Dalhousie Harbor Lighthouse, St. Catharines, Ontario

Last year, I headed out to Niagara Falls to photograph this wonder of nature. I had been to the falls in the early 90s on a family vacation but was not taking photos at the time. I spent a couple of nights at the falls (travel tip - go in April on the Canadian side - I was able to book a hotel at the edge of the falls for $120 including a breakfast buffet). The best time to photograph the falls is early morning or late evening, so what is there to do during the day? I headed out to the town of St. Catharines located on Lake Ontario. I had remembered seeing images of the two lighthouses in the Port Dalhousie section of town. When I got there, I spotted two piers that extended into Lake Ontario. For some unknown reason, both of the lighthouses are on the same pier rather at the end of each pier. This image is of the lighthouse at the very end of the pier. It was very windy and the water was splashing over the side of the pier. In between splashes, I was able to catch this shot of the lighthouse its reflection in the pier.