Leaning Tree - Cape Arago, Oregon

Many of those who follow me on social media were able to hear about the weather challenges that Jeff Clow and I experienced on our ten day scouting trip to the Oregon Coast. Along the 362 mile coast, we were subject to rain (lots of rain); snow, hail and gale force winds. Jeff had found out that the region had thirty-eight straight days of rain on the day we got there, and I can safely say that that number totaled forty eight on the day we left. We added up the time that we actually saw the sun and I think it totaled maybe a day and a half, most for just an hour before the deluge would start again.

Since this was a scouting trip for one of Jeff's future Photo Tours, it wasn't all bad. We accomplished what we had set out to do -- visit over two hundred possible photo locations and rated each one for it's worthiness to visit during the tour. It would have been nice to get some great photos had the weather cooperated but the main goal was accomplished. The one thing we learned for sure, the tour will not be held in April.

I shot this photo during one of the periods where we actually had a little sun. I particularly liked how the tree at the end of the cliff looked like it was ready to fall into the Pacific Ocean below.