Light Through the Shadows - Doubling Point Lighthouse, Maine

Did you ever take a photo and in your head you are thinking, "Why am I shooting this?". Usually it will never come out and I will end up deleting it. The question, Why am I wasting my time? also enters my mind. If this was the film days, I never would have taken it, but now in the digital age, why not? 

So a little background. I took this photo in April on the Maine Lighthouse Tour that Jeff Clow runs and I co-host. This stop is Doubling Point Lighthouse and we normally get there in mid-afternoon. The light isn't the best, but when trying to shoot thirteen lighthouses in three days, you can't have every lighthouse shot during the golden hours. In any case, we were leaving for our next destination and I looked back toward the lighthouse, and something subconsciously told me to take a photo. The thoughts above went through my head after I pressed the shutter button.

As I was looking through my images from Maine, this caught my eye and I remembered my thoughts. The more I looked at it, the better I liked it. The play of light through the trees against the shadows spoke to me. The lighthouse in the background and the snow on the right added to my interest. So here it is. Good enough for me to edit it and post.