Lilac Breasted Roller - Kruger National Park, South Africa

I am sure that my buddy Jeff Clow will fall off his chair when he sees this post. While I am a nature photographer that primarily shoots landscapes, I will shoot wildlife if I come across them. Jeff has been more of a wildlife shooter than me and he has recently been focusing (pun intended) on birds. I don't have much interest in photographing birds and it has been a long running joke between us about his need to shoot birds while I want to move on.

The other reason he might react to this post is that, on our recent safari to South Africa, he was desperate to photograph the Lilac Breasted Roller pictured in this photo. Every time that we spotted one, it seemed to take off or be on the wrong side of the jeep, leaving Jeff frustrated. Near the end of our safari, I called the Roller Jeff's Moby Dick. Well, he finally got a shot of it near the end of trip and I am glad he did. When I saw my shot and saw that it was in focus, I knew I had to post it.