Lion's Mane Jellyfish - Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California

My twenty-eight day trip was a combination of vacation with my wife and great friends along with a ten-day photo excursion to Yosemite and the Eastern Sierras. While the vacation was not photo-centric, I was still able to get out a few mornings and get some photos. At the end of our vacation, we were in Monterey and decided to spend a half day in the Monterey Bay Aquarium before we headed to the San Francisco Airport.

I typically don't take many shots in aquariums as they are very dark and crowded,  but do try to sneak in a shot or two. I do admit to having a weakness for jellyfish (Why? I have no idea) and when I saw this tank of Lion's Mane Jellyfish, I knew I was going to capture them. I didn't know anything about this species of jellyfish but here is what I found out. They are the largest species of jellyfish and are found in the cold waters of the Arctic, found in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. They get their name after the long tentacles that are supposed to look like a lion's mane (Okay, I don't get it but I am running with it anyway). Their color is said to depend on their size, with the smaller ones  more of a dark purplish color and the larger ones more of a vivid crimson color. Not sure where these measure up on the size range, but they were pretty big.