Looking for Food - Banff National Park, Alberta

Bow Valley Parkway, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

I am primarily a landscape photographer, and, when I travel out west, I don't go out of my way looking for wildlife. Wildlife photographers usually carry around these long lenses that look like bazookas, and I have no desire to try to lift them to get a shot (not to mention that they cost thousands of dollars). There are times, though, when the wildlife just appears close to you, and it is hard not to take a photo of them. On my Banff trip, we were often blessed with all kinds of wildlife, from bears to elk to porcupines to goats to coyotes (I may have missed naming a few). It is usually not hard to find them, especially where there is a car or line of cars pulled over. We found this bear looking for his favorite meal, dandelions. We were the second car that found him, and we were able to get some decent shots of him when his head wasn't buried in the grass.