Looking for the Pot of Gold - Telluride, Colorado

Near Last Dollar Ranch, Telluride, Colorado

There are many times that Mother Nature seems to wreak havoc on a planned shoot, and there other times that she gives us a pot of gold. On this night, we got the gold. On Rick Louie's terrific Colorado Tour (check it out here), we had just shot the entrance gates to Last Dollar Ranch, and we drove a bit further to capture the sunset against the mountains. After setting up, it was clear that a storm was coming, and, as we got closer to sunset, the incoming clouds began to take on some great color. It started raining, but not hard, and all of a sudden, this rainbow appears left of the mountains. Suffice to say that we all forgot the mountain and focused our shooting on this terrific scene. Thanks Mother Nature. It does make up for some of the bad shooting days you send us.