Many Glacier View - Glacier National Park, Montana

Many Glacier Hotel is an historic hotel built in the early 1900's by the Great Northern Railway in an attempt to put Glacier National Park on the map. It was actually part of a series of resort hotels that the railroad built along its routes. The railroad was trying to promote Glacier as the "American Alps" and built the hotel on the shoreline of Swiffcurrent Lake in a Swiss Chalet style. The hotel, over 100 years old, is on the less-visited eastern side of the National Park and has one of the park's most iconic views from it's rooms, that of Mount Grinnell. The day I took this photo was a dreary, rainy day, but for a few moments, the waters of the lake were still and I was able to get a reflection of the hotel. The dreariness of the day gave this scene an almost black and white feel to it.