Memorial Day - Wildwood, New Jersey

I started a photo blog in 2011 and this photo was one of my first posts. I had posted it on Memorial Day along with a write-up about my father. My feelings for my Dad still resonate with me even though he has been gone for almost 16 years. I happened to come across the photo recently and realized that it was edited during my bad HDR days. I decided to re-edit the photo and repost it. The write-up below is exactly how it appeared on my blog in 2011.

I grew up in a small town in New Jersey right outside Philadelphia. We lived about an hour from Atlantic City and an hour and a half from Wildwood and Beach Haven. My early recollections of my grandparents were that they loved to fish in Little Egg Harbor, year-round. My father had the same love of the Jersey shore and he religiously packed me and my four brothers along with Mom into the station wagon every year to visit either Beach Haven or Wildwood. On this Memorial Day, my thoughts are of my father and how much I miss him. I don't know much about his experiences in the armed forces (he never talked about it) but I know he was in the Army Air Force and was a gunner flying over Europe. When I think of the things he loved, the Jersey shore always come to mind. To honor him, I am posting this shot of an empty lifeguard station on Wildwood beach. I was staying at my brother-in-law's place (who also has a love of the Jersey shore) and I had promised my nephew Danny to take him out shooting. I don't think he realized that I meant getting up before dawn to get the nice light. Anyway, I think Dad would have liked this shot.