Meyers Creek Beach - Gold Beach, Oregon

Ask ten people who are familiar with the Oregon Coast to name their top ten locations and you might get fifty different locations. Yes there are tons of possible candidates along the 363-mile long rugged coastline but there are three that may make everyone’s list and this is one of them. Meyers Creek Beach is located south of the town of Gold Beach and is named after the creek that runs into it. Before anyone tells me that I misspelled Meyers and it should be Myers, I have seen signs that spell it both ways. In fact, I went onto Google Maps and discovered that the same creek has both names on it depending on its location.

What makes this location a top one? There are many characteristics that make it so. The dunes on this beach, while not very high, are reminiscent of the dunes found in the desert. The number of sea stacks and rock formations are very much in abundance, although you can’t see the majority of them due to the fog in the background. When the tide is out, you can walk up to these formations and see terrific tide pools, along with quite the number of starfish clinging to them. When the tide is in the right positions, the reflections of the formations and stacks are just about perfect. Finally, being in the most southern part of the coast, you often have the whole beach to yourselves, as most visitors don’t make it down this far. That certainly works for me along with other photographers.